High Country Physical Therapy, our mission to the Logan, Cache Valley, and Northern Utah region is:

"To create a community intelligent and informed about their health; independent to make good decisions; empowered to enjoy the adventure of life."

HOW We Get You Better:

The HCPT philosophy of therapy is not to “heal” the body or an injury; the purpose of therapy is to create a safe environment for the body to heal itself.  The human body is an incredible and fascinating machine with the capability of restoring and “fixing” itself.

The HCPT roadmap to recovery is really quite simple

1.       Discover the tissue(s) that are injured or at fault and the subsequent altered movement patterns learn more about evaluation

2.       Treat any pain or mobility deficits learn more about pain management

3.       Retrain correct human movement patterns learn more about restoring movement

4.       Strengthen and reinforce the corrected movement patterns learn more about strengthening

5.       Education on self-management and prevention strategies learn more about education