Over the past couple weeks with the 4th of July and all I couldn’t help but keep my thoughts from turning to FREEDOM.  This was especially true that Tuesday morning while I was out enjoying a hike up St Charles canyon near Bear Lake.  This is the first hike since last summer that I was really able to just open up, stride out, and really chew up the trail.

You see about the second week of August last year I sustained an overuse injury to my right knee (distal IT band aka ‘Runners Knee’).  And I battled it all throughout the Fall and even somewhat throughout the Winter and early Spring.  This significantly decreased my ability to hike, bike, ski, hunt…heck even participate in an annual Turkey Bowl.  

Perhaps worst of all it happened about two weeks before I was going to tackle one of my biggest bucket list items, summitting the Grand Teton.  For those few months I seriously felt shackled down due to the injury.

As those of you who hike know, once you get into the “trail rhythm” your thoughts can start to wander a bit.  As I was reflecting on the incredible opportunities this free land of ours provides, my mind went back to the “physical prison” that I was in last year….and this led me to think about the clients I work with (I actually think on them frequently and how I can help serve them a bit better).

This gave me a new perspective of what they are going through.  It also gave me an even better perspective of those out there who I am not working with, that may have never even considered how physical therapy can help break those chains.

I love how one of my current clients put it when we were first discussing if PT would even be appropriate for his chronic back pain.  You see he has been wrestling with fairly persistent back pain over the past 4-5 years. 

During our first phone consultation he stated: 

“You know I’ve been dealing with this thing for a while and I just want to know if this is a ‘LIFE SENTENCE’ and something I will just have to learn to deal with, OR if this is something I can get better from.”

To further flesh this story out, this client is a busy and active individual who enjoys running and spending time with his wife and kids in the outdoors.  But over the past few years he has been unable to do many of these things.  In fact he has been unable to run for a number of years.

Fortunately, his is not a LIFE SENTENCE, and with some solid effort on his part he too is getting back to those activities that help him feel more alive.

I am constantly reminded how incredible the human body is at taking care of itself.  Often it just needs a slight nudge in the right direction to break those LIFE SENTENCE’s.

If you are imprisoned from doing the activities you want to be doing PLEASE let’s chat.  A great place to start is a completely non-committal Discovery Visit.  And just like my friend, we can get you started back on the road to FREEDOM!!

And perhaps we can meet up on the summit of The Grand to celebrate!