Keeping our High School Athletes Safe From Injury

Sorry it has been a couple weeks since I touched base on this blog.  It has been a very exciting past couple weeks where my attention and energies were devoted elsewhere…

...Last week my first little boy was born!!!

And ever since reaching adulthood (my wife would beg to differ if I truly am an adult) I have looked forward to having some kiddos to bring up being active and hopefully involved in athletics.

In fact when selecting names for our kids, my only criteria is “when I say the name can I hear it coming out over the speakers of a playing field or arena," ha ha....

….please don’t judge me, I swear I’m not one of those people that sports are absolutely everything in life...

You see both me and my wife were heavily involved in athletics and outdoorsy activities growing up...and we continue to enjoy them together now.  In fact I’m a huge believer that a couple/family that can camp/hike and compete together, will stick together….(hmmm does that sound familiar to anyone who has been on a team together?)

Well as I’ve been hanging out with my little fella I can’t help but think towards his future and what all that entails...I think this is a natural instinct for parents plan and hope for the best of their children.

During these moments I have reflected back on my own experiences growing up, and especially all of the incredible formative experiences, fun times, great friends, and character building that my involvement in athletics provided for me.

Speckled in all those great memories are also some really hard lessons learned from time spent unable to participate due to injuries.

I am often asked the question “What lead you to become a physical therapist?”  A lot of my colleagues chose the profession because they had an injury in high school that lead them to PT.  For me, even though I had many season altering injuries, I never attended a session of PT. 

Fast forward a couple years past graduating high school and I found myself back on the sidelines...this time helping coach high school lacrosse players out at Sky View.

Naturally things evolved and I found myself involved with assisting the players who had injuries through that process.  We were incredibly lucky over those years to not have too many serious injuries.  But this cemented my resolve to continue helping young folks, ultimately leading to me following the path to becoming a PT.

One of my major mission’s is using my clinical expertise to help young athletes avoid the negative effects that come with injury.

Over the next couple weeks look for resources that HCPT will be putting out on injury prevention for our teenage athletes.  You may have seen this video floating around.  We are also putting out an ebook on strategies parents can use to help their youngsters.

If you have your own teenage athlete or know those that do please pass this information along, and know that we are here to help!!!

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