What is the advantage of Out of Network (OON)/Fee-for-service?

High Country Physical Therapy is an out of network/fee-for-service clinic.  Meaning that we do not have a contract with any insurance providers.  This cuts out all the restrictions and BS that comes with insurance companies.  HCPT has opted to use a fee-for-service model for three main reasons:

1.       Quality:  As you may have noticed insurance is not what it used to be even five or ten years ago.  Not only are individuals and family’s plans becoming more expensive for less coverage, but the insurance companies are also over-regulating health-care providers.  This has created an environment where most PT’s are required to see a patient every 15-30 minutes, often being double booked.  In my experience high-quality, individualized care cannot be delivered in this antiquated model.  HCPT is free from these restraints allowing for true, 1 on 1, individualized care to be performed. 

2.       Transparency:  How many times have you received a bill from a clinic or a Statement of Benefit from your insurance provider and wondered why in the world am I getting charged such a large fee for what seemed to be a simple process?  With the fee-for-service model a flat rate is assigned to the service provided, meaning you know exactly what is getting charged each time you come in.

3.       Freedom:  To wax a little philosophical and personal, a large reason why High Country Physical Therapy was founded was to allow a greater degree of the greatest thing we all possess.  As a health care consumer AND health care provider, I have grown tired of being pushed around by organizations so large that they have forgotten that YOU the patient are the only thing that really matters in this whole equation.  I can’t think of many things of greater import for the freedom of choice then for you and your families health.  Whereas, HCPT is not contracted with insurance providers, the only person we are beholden to is YOU the patient.  As such we are able to do anything within the scope of physical therapy practice to help you heal and achieve your goals.

I am no salesman and won't try to sell you on this, but the one guarantee I can give you is that if you choose HCPT you will have my full and undivided attention and energy, furthermore, a major priority in our treatment philosophy is education on self-management strategies, this often leads to less time in therapy, with superior results.  Our number one goal is to EMPOWER you to take control of your health.


Will my insurance reimburse these visits?

Many if not most insurance policies have an Out of Network physical rehabilitation benefit that covers a portion of the care (often 50-80%).  Upon your request a superbill will be provided with codes pertaining to your dysfunction and treatment.  This can be submitted to your insurance provider for reimbursement.  To find out if your policy has OON benefits please contact them and follow the script below.  Click here for a script you can use when calling your insurance about OON benefits.


Please contact us and we will work around your schedule.