Dr Brett Petersen, PT, DPT

Brett and his family return to the land of their nativity after leaving in 2011 to pursue education and training.  He spent 3 years in Connecticut receiving a Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from Sacred Heart University.  He went on to complete a rigorous 1-year residency training in advanced orthopedic care in Salt Lake City through the University of Utah.  Following residency training the Petersen clan headed up to Driggs in the beautiful Teton Valley of Idaho.  Four years of “big city” living helped deepen the appreciation of the rural, mountain life the Teton and Cache Valley’s so abundantly possess.  We are excited to come to Cache Valley and provide the quality of care that fee-for-service provides.

Brett has a strong interest and background in orthopedic and sports injury and rehabilitation.  He maintains an insatiable appetite for seeking out the most relevant and evidence-based examination and treatment techniques.  If he cannot figure out how to best help you achieve your goals, he is not afraid to explore other options or guide you to other providers.  His true professional passion is working with the athletic and active population throughout the lifespan, from little-league ballers to Master’s level athletes and everything in between.

Aside from his academic pursuits he has ten years’ experience coaching athletes at the high school and collegiate club level. An avid outdoorsman, Brett has tried his hand at most activities the Valley has to offer from skiing the Beav to freezing his can off on the Bear River over a spread of decoys.  Furthermore, he shares the sentiments of the memorable Gus McRae “there ain't nothing like ridin a fine horse in new country.”  You may be wondering, “what the heck does this have to do with me?” answer is Brett can meet you on your level and understands what drives you to pursue “your” excellence.