Once the work of eliminating pain and restoring movement is done, it is important to “lock in” that hard work to ensure that the pain and dysfunction does not return.  We do this by “loading” the tissues while completing your natural movement patterns.  One clinician describes the process like a computer with a virus; getting rid of pain is hitting the reset button, restoring motion is loading the software, and strengthening is hitting the save button.  I know when many folks hear the word strengthening, apprehension or anxiety set in that they will not be able to lift those “heavy” weights.  Let me assure you that those images are not what we will be doing.  Most loading occurs through body-weight resisted activities, resistance bands, lower weight dumbbells and kettlebells, and weighted balls.  For those who require a higher load, equipment will be available.  The HCPT philosophy is that most folks do not have an extensive home gym, so why emphasize exercises that will be difficult to accomplish on your own time.  During this phase our number one goal is to strategize with you an effective way that makes sense to you to utilize for self-management.