After hurting my back training for fire season, I developed recurring, nagging back pain that stuck with me me for over two years. My fitness level slipped as my training program was repeatedly interrupted by re-injury...sometimes, I had to walk with a cane or pull myself out of bed with only my arms because my back was so seized up. Finally, my lower back seized from a lying yoga pose and I couldn't get out of the pose or stand up. I decided then and there to get a PT. I found Brett, and we clicked right away because he understood my goals, frustrations, and underlying issues. Most importantly, he taught me how to manage my injury in the short-term while building my own programming to facilitate long-term healing. Brett wants to help people live better and see them move on from therapy, not take their money and create "repeat customers." He gave me the tools to get back on track with training and finally start fixing these nagging problems at the source by building strength and balance. Couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Adrian B.  20's

Nearly five years ago I was on a canoeing trip in Star Valley, Wyoming. One of the canoes in our group capsized and was stuck in front of boulders. As I lifted the canoe and twisted, I felt a pain in my lower back. The pain got progressively worse year after year. Prior to this injury I enjoyed running and had completed 3 marathons and several relays. Over the years the pain became quite debilitating. Standing, sitting, walking and even sneezing hurt. I went to a chiropractor, pain specialist and tried other self-help techniques. None of these options worked to my satisfaction. A couple of months ago I saw a Facebook ad for High Country Physical Therapy. I appreciated the helpful tips offered at this site and especially the complimentary initial visit to consult with a physical therapist. My wife and I met Brett Petersen. He listened intently and outlined a plan to help get rid of the pain. Over the next few weeks Brett helped me strengthen my back and significantly reduce the pain. I continue to do home exercises and see improvement each day. Brett started me on a return-to-run protocol which has allowed me to gradually get back to running pain-free. I'm grateful I found Brett! He's very knowledgeable, patient and personable. I highly recommend Brett Petersen.

Tom D.  40's

In April of 2016 I had a snowboarding accident that crippled my left knee. It didn't need surgery but it was hurt enough to effect the way that I walked for awhile and definitely put a stop to all recreational activities for a couple of months. I'm pretty active and to have this injury was kinda hard to deal with because I had to be patient through the healing prosses. I saw Brett about a week after my injury and it was my first time seeing a professional phisical theripist. Brett was very professional in his assemment of my knee. He covered the basics of how the knee works to recovery time and excersises that would speed up my recovery. I visited with him a few more times after that and in all the visits that we had I felt very comfortable. Brett was very thorough in answering any questions or concerns that I had. I could tell very quickly that he was genuinely interested in my wellbeing and he regularly checked up on me to see how my knee was doing. 5 months after my injury I made a trip to Everest base camp and my knee felt great and I a tribute that speedy recovery to Brett's counsel and expertise in the field.

Scott C.  30's

"Working with Brett was a great experience. I had ankle injuries lingering from soccer in high school and college which were becoming a problem for my new hobby- trail running. Brett was very knowledgeable and explained the physiology of what was going on with my ankles in a very clear way. His assessments were thorough, and he had several exercises on hand to help strengthen and support my ankles while running. He even taught me how to apply therapeutic tape so I could adjust things on my own! Not only did he help during appointments, but he also followed up with me throughout the summer, offering advice and adjustments. Five star care from this guy! Thanks to his help, I was able to train for and complete my summer running goal- 34 miles of the Teton Crest Trail. He's got a lifelong customer from me!"

Mary B. 30's

"I sought Dr. Brett Petersen's help when acute lower back pain and a subtle limp turned into crippling sciatic pain from a sacroiliac joint injury.  After helping me reduce the pain and regain mobility, Brett provided me with valuable exercises to retrain and improve my daily movements to strengthen the musculature supporting the joint, and prevent future injury.  Not only did he help me walk again, but I was able to return to training horses, skiing, snowboarding, heavy lifting, and toddler wrangling.  I am forever grateful for Dr. Brett Petersen's expertise, professionalism, and kindness." 

Elizabeth T.  30's

Brett was great at explaining everything to me and was very knowledgeable and thorough. A very caring person and will definitely will be going back! Not someone that wants just to take your money, by wanting you to come back multiple times like other physical therapists. He genuinely wants to make you get back to pain free health. I totally recommend him!

Nancy J.  50's

I have dealt with intense back pain for more than 5 years. Simple tasks were almost unbearable bending over to put on socks was one of the hardest . Finally the time came to see if we could do something about it I was told that my back needed to be fused it was the best and basically only option. After choosing not to have surgery it was at that point when I was directed to Brett, we began a long slow process of treatment to build small muscle to support my back It was after only about 2 week I began to notice things were helping we did treatment for about 10 weeks I had good and bad days after that but Brett had showed and taught me home exercises that really helped !! I would highly recommend Brett and his knowledge of what he does to anyone.

Bryon T.  20's

Brett worked with me when I had a bad flare up of plantar fasciitis. He was not only professional and knowledgeable but also very personable and helpful. He truly cared about making sure my condition was improving and that the treatment was effective. At the time I was seeing him for my foot, I was also working on making some lifestyle changes related to increasing my activity and fitness level and by talking with him during treatments he really put me on the right path to healing my foot and progressing with my fitness goals. I would highly recommend him for anyone needing physical therapy services.

Heidi H.  40's

Dr. Petersen is the best. He's willing to educate me on my injuries and spend the personal time to invest in my healing. I loved spending my time with him rather than some aide like I have at other clinics. If you want some personal care from an experienced PT doctor, go check him out.

Kelvin F.  30's

I saw Brett after a year of pain in the lower part of both of my hamstrings. Turns out I developed a chronic tendonopathy in both the medial and lateral tendons, of both hamstrings, at the distal insertion. Brett listened closely, performed a thorough evaluation, and created a plan to get me back out playing. His motivation and confidence in healing and strengthening my hamstrings was contagious, and I was back out running within 3 months of work with Brett. After this experience, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brett as a PT to go see. Just do it sooner than I did!

Brian E.  30's

I was very impressed with Dr. Petersen. I hurt my back and was very concerned that it could be a lasting injury. He took the time to describe what was going on and I how I could best help it heal. I really liked that my time with him wasn't rushed and his willingness to answer all my concerns and questions. I went from barely moving when I walked in his clinic to attending a Zumba class in 3 days.

Emily M.  30s