Nearly five years ago I was on a canoeing trip in Star Valley, Wyoming. One of the canoes in our group capsized and was stuck in front of boulders. As I lifted the canoe and twisted, I felt a pain in my lower back. The pain got progressively worse year after year. Prior to this injury I enjoyed running and had completed 3 marathons and several relays. Over the years the pain became quite debilitating. Standing, sitting, walking and even sneezing hurt. I went to a chiropractor, pain specialist and tried other self-help techniques. None of these options worked to my satisfaction. A couple of months ago I saw a Facebook ad for High Country Physical Therapy. I appreciated the helpful tips offered at this site and especially the complimentary initial visit to consult with a physical therapist. My wife and I met Brett Petersen. He listened intently and outlined a plan to help get rid of the pain. Over the next few weeks Brett helped me strengthen my back and significantly reduce the pain. I continue to do home exercises and see improvement each day. Brett started me on a return-to-run protocol which has allowed me to gradually get back to running pain-free. I'm grateful I found Brett! He's very knowledgeable, patient and personable. I highly recommend Brett Petersen.

Tom D.  40's