In April of 2016 I had a snowboarding accident that crippled my left knee. It didn't need surgery but it was hurt enough to effect the way that I walked for awhile and definitely put a stop to all recreational activities for a couple of months. I'm pretty active and to have this injury was kinda hard to deal with because I had to be patient through the healing prosses. I saw Brett about a week after my injury and it was my first time seeing a professional phisical theripist. Brett was very professional in his assemment of my knee. He covered the basics of how the knee works to recovery time and excersises that would speed up my recovery. I visited with him a few more times after that and in all the visits that we had I felt very comfortable. Brett was very thorough in answering any questions or concerns that I had. I could tell very quickly that he was genuinely interested in my wellbeing and he regularly checked up on me to see how my knee was doing. 5 months after my injury I made a trip to Everest base camp and my knee felt great and I a tribute that speedy recovery to Brett's counsel and expertise in the field.

Scott C.  30's