After hurting my back training for fire season, I developed recurring, nagging back pain that stuck with me me for over two years. My fitness level slipped as my training program was repeatedly interrupted by re-injury...sometimes, I had to walk with a cane or pull myself out of bed with only my arms because my back was so seized up. Finally, my lower back seized from a lying yoga pose and I couldn't get out of the pose or stand up. I decided then and there to get a PT. I found Brett, and we clicked right away because he understood my goals, frustrations, and underlying issues. Most importantly, he taught me how to manage my injury in the short-term while building my own programming to facilitate long-term healing. Brett wants to help people live better and see them move on from therapy, not take their money and create "repeat customers." He gave me the tools to get back on track with training and finally start fixing these nagging problems at the source by building strength and balance. Couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Adrian B.  20's